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OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) is advanced, intelligent output management printing software that seamlessly ingests jobs from multiple systems and delivers them to printers, multi-function devices, fax software, email systems, and more. Rarely, changes are needed to existing ERP/EMR systems. OM Plus print management software features include: print confirmation, re-printing, re-routing, automated fail-over, load balancing, bundling, re-sequencing, and much more. Read more
OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) improves printing efficiencies and security by holding a user’s printed jobs on a secure print server until the user walks up to a convenient printer and authenticates/releases their jobs. Read more
OM Plus i-Sat is Plus Technologies’ internet based printing software solution. i-Sat consists of Plus Technologies developed print management software that enables organizations to use the internet to securely deliver print jobs from one location to another. This solution is perfect for organizations with distributed locations such as satellite offices, retail outlets, labs, or health care clinics. Read more
Plus Technologies OM Stats feature collects print statistics from the OM Plus DM spooler including which user is printing, what they are printing, where they are printing, when they are printing, number of documents, and the number of pages. Read more
OM Plus Fleet Manager (OM Plus FM) is a comprehensive printer fleet management software tool. FM helps organizations or Managed Print Services providers manage print and multi-function/copy fleets. Read more
Organizations can avoid printing and copying by implementing Plus Technologies’ electronic report distribution software. Read more
OM Plus TRP provides an alternative to expensive pre-printed forms by providing tamper resistant printing on plain paper. Read more

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Before OM Plus, printing was a nightmare.

—Wells Fargo Mortgage

Print Solutions

We use have used OM Plus to streamline our print operations for years. It has been very reliable.

—State of West Virginia

Without OM Plus we would not be able to print out our grading reports n a timely manner. The load balancing solution really solved our throughput problem.

—Long Beach Public Schools

Education – Government Solutions

We use OM Plus to help us route documents to printers in a mission critical environment. It has done the job and been very dependable.


Print Job Routing


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October 1, 2015

A healthcare organization in Idaho is implementing OM Plus Tamper Resistant Software (TRP) for prescription printing on plain paper. Tamper Resistant Print software uses microfont and pantographic technologies to prevent unauthorized copying and fraud. By using plain paper instead of expensive pre-printed forms this organization will save money and TRP allows a safe/simple printing process that increases operational efficiency. In this case, OM Plus TRP receives output from the organizations' Meditech EMR system and converts into the tamper resistant format - then delivers it to the printer. For more information, please contact Plus Technologies

September 28, 2015

OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) with the i-Sat remote web based print delivery option was selected by a $1+ Billion software and services company serving the automotive dealer market. This organization sells Dealer Management System (DMS) software and services to thousands of dealers across North America. This high growth provider offers their DMS as a Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) solution without the costs of on-premise servers and IT. (more…)

September 24, 2015

A healthcare organization in the pacific northwest have selected OM Plus to streamline the output from their Cerner Millennium system. Using OM Plus print software, the user will take Cerner created documents and provide document routing, pull-print, and tamper resistant prescription printing capabilities. This customer is using the Cerner product in a SaaS model. In this case, documents that are created in the Cerner data center are directed to the OM Plus system at the customer location. From this point, OM Plus is responsible for all document delivery. (more…)

September 21, 2015

The talented people of Plus Technologies are what make us successful. Every associate is concerned with delivering the high quality products, customer care, and economic value. Our team's number one priority is to provide solutions to our customer's challenges and problems. We are always looking for customer focused, team oriented people: (more…)

September 18, 2015

A large German manufacturing organization with over 7,000 employees is adding to their OM Plus licensing to streamline document routing operations. OM Plus is used to manage and enhance the output created by numerous 'back-end' systems such as SAP R3 and other Accounting software systems. The additional licensing of OM Plus will support multiple back-end systems in eight countries. (more…)

September 14, 2015

In our May 11, 2015 blog we reported that we were working on a pull-print solution for HP devices. The OM Plus pull-print solution is called My-Print-Delivery (MPD for short). We reported that the initial effort was based on an embedded app in the HP device itself. In this update we are announcing that in addition to the 'embedded' app we described in May, we now have a "card swipe" version of MPD for the HP platform available as well. Users can use their HP card readers to collect data from the user's cards. The card swipe version is currently…

September 8, 2015

The United States Navy has purchased a secure pull-print software solution called My-Print-Delivery (MPD) from Plus Technologies. Plus Technologies and Itek have partnered together to provide a CAC based print release software solution to the Supervisor of Ship Building for the US Navy. CAC is an acronym that stands for Common Access Card and is commonly used in the military to provide an extra level of security. (more…)

August 24, 2015

A Community College on the west coast of the United States was experiencing issues with printing in their computer labs. The technical environment included VMWare and virtual desk- top. In this situation each lab OM Plus Print Software Used to Resolve Printing Issue at Community College. In this situation each lab has its own unique environment and each lab had to have it's own printers setup and mapped. (more…)

August 17, 2015

In an un-managed print environment there is a lack of information. Asset data and total costs are unknown, purchasing of devices and supplies is decentralized, multiple vendors with varying plans and costs are managing the printing devices. IT struggles to provide timely copy and print support and end-users have multiple print drivers installed and lack training in device features. Supplies (ink and toner) are stored in desks, file cabinets and closets, many going unused. Multi-function printers are unlikely to play a role in workflow, such as Accounts Payable automation or document management. (more…)

August 12, 2015

Plus Technologies has formed a new partnership with SynOptio and clSystech to extend its reach into the German market for enterprise output management and print software. This partnership is a three company arrangement with SynOptio of Berlin and clSystch of Darmstad Germany. SynOptio has an enterprise of ten plus years in this field and with Plus Technologies applications. SynOptio and clSystech are German based IT Services organizations specializing in enterprise output management, transform, and print software services for Germany and neighboring countries. (more…)

August 4, 2015

A healthcare organization, using the "Patcomm Optimum" system, with 1200 beds, located on the east coast of the United States is using OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) to streamline its print operations. Patcom is an open source, Linux based App sold by Keane to the healthcare market to manage patient care and financial information. Instead of using the native tools found in Linux the customer has decided to use OMP DM to manage the print operations. (more…)

July 30, 2015

OM Stats Manager (SM) is a printing solutions application that enables organizations to analyze and understand the who, what, when, and where of printing, copying, faxing, and scanning in their enterprise. By collecting print spooling data Stats Manager is able to provide user based print metrics in addition to device based data. This user based metric allows organizations to understand who is printing, what they are printing, when they are printing, what application the documents are coming from, and even the titles of the documents. (more…)

July 23, 2015

Plus Technologies offers another licensing model for multi-server users. Flex Licensing is for customers that have multiple print servers and a need to move printer definitions between these print servers without requiring re-licensing. Users will be licensed up to a max number of printers for the enterprise (defined as destinations) without limitation to  number of print servers. (more…)

July 20, 2015

Bottomline Technologies (a Plus Technologies reseller partner) resells OM Plus to complement their re-purposing e-forms technology named "Transform." Transform re-purposes ERP output like invoices to make them look better and add important information. Bottomline Technologies uses OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) to route invoices to their final destination and to confirm the print occurred without error. (more…)

July 16, 2015

A Plus Technologies "Tech-Tip" is available for users interested in learning more about Device Uptime Reports in Fleet Manager. A Plus Technologies Tech-Tip is a document written by our support team describing the function, use or set-up of a Plus Technologies product. Fleet Manger (FM) provides the capability to track alert and incident lifespan in order to calculate the availability, or "Uptime" for a managed device. The device uptime report can be configured to be based upon alert time, incident time, or both. (more…)

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