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“Thanks for the tremendously successful implementation. Everyone who had a chance to meet with (your team) was impressed with the professionalism and dedication to delivering the quality we were looking for.  I am confident that we will be doing more business in the future. Thanks again for a job well done.”
-Liberty Medical


OM Plus Report Manager (RM)

OM Plus RM is as an electronic document distribution and archiving software tool.

OM Plus RM is based on the concept of "print avoidance'. Reports that are typically printed, then distributed can now be automatically ingested, indexed, burst, distributed electronically, and viewed via browser.  In this way, printing costs are eliminated, documents are accessible sooner, and end user mobility is increased.

OM Plus RM is also a document repository for computer generated reports as well as scanned documents. OM Plus RM has an intuitive user interface that allows users to retrieve documents quickly as well as the ability to search within a document. The licensing and pricing of OM Plus RM makes it a perfect departmental solution. In addition, OM Plus RM has been integrated with OM Plus Delivery Manager (Print Spooler) so jobs in the DM spooling system can be automatically purged into OM Plus RM.

Some features of OM Plus RM include:

    Auto indexing of reports
    Capture of scanned documents
    Intuitive folder structure
    Version control
    Audit information
    Browser based viewing
    Inter and Intra document search
    Line shading
    Document level security
    Email and print 

Need more or additional features? Contact Us and we will work to design an enterprise content management solution to suit your company’s individual needs.


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