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A large health care system in southern Ontario needed a reliable, scalable, and highly functional print spooler. Their application provider suggested an expensive tool that was not the best choice for them. So they conducted research and found OM Plus. They compared OM Plus to the recommended solution and other tools and found it to be the best based on functionality, scalability, administration, reliability, service and cost.  OM Plus was selected as the best overall.


Cerner Print Management

Printing is a critical and 7/24 type of function in health care. Plus Technologies has extensive experience in this market and has many of the largest healthcare providers as customers. Therefore it comes as no surprise that OM Plus can provide Cerner customers with an excellent print spooling solution. This is especially true as Cerner customers migrate from VMS to open systems platforms. Cerner customers will find the incumbent VMS tools expensive and difficult to use and support.

OM Plus provides a highly scalable and reliable spooling solution for Cerner customers. OM Plus requires no special integration or interface to Cerner and works right of the box. OM Plus provides ‘on-the-fly’ queue management so that spooling continues uninterrupted even while print queues are being added/modified/deleted. OM Plus also provides a host of functions used in the reliable delivery of jobs including confidential print, print security, print audit, print delivery confirmation and notification that are particularly helpful in the healthcare market.

OM Plus can be easily implemented in Cluster environments and can provide seamless 7/24 fail-over, load balancing capabilities to improve the fidelity of the print operation.  OM Plus provides many benefits for Cerner healthcare customers:
-    No application changes required
-    Print confirmation
-    Confidential print features
-    Advance print security
-    On the fly queue management
-    Automated fail-over at printer, server and site levels
-    Load balancing
-    Dashboard features to monitor performance
-    Very competitive cost point

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