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Security Lock

“We needed to keep our formulas under tight security. We use OM Plus’s security features’ to help avoid unauthorized printing.” -Flint Ink


My Print Delivery User Experience


As described by VMware at the HIMSS Convention:
Print Release for VDI Environments

My Print Delivery Software

Click the 'play' button to see a demonstration of OM Plus' many methods of releasing
print jobs on demand.


My Print Delivery from Plus Technologies increases security, confidentiality, regulatory compliance, and print mobility.  With My Print Delivery, volumes can be reduced by as much as 15% - 20% lowering expensive printing costs.

My Print Delivery software from Plus Technologies requires no client software installation is highly scalable and is simple to install and use.

Users print the way they always have. No changes there. However, rather than the print jobs going directly to the printer they are held in the OM Plus My Print Delivery Mobile system. When users want to release their jobs they do it from the printer or multi-function device of their choice. There are multiple ways for the user to release their print jobs:

Smartphone: Users can select the OM Plus SPR App on their cell phone.
Printer/MFD: Users can select the OM Plus SPR App embedded on selected printers/MFD’s.
Card Swipe: By swiping their card on specific badge readers for direct SPR printing.
Release Workstation: Users can use OM Plus SPR feature on dedicated release workstations.

If the user utilizes the Smartphone, Printer Embedded, or Release Workstation method, OM Plus will authenticate the user’s credentials (Active Directory, LDAP), retrieve the users print jobs and show them to the user. The user can then select the print jobs they want to release and the jobs are released to the device for printing. It is easy, fast and secure. 

Jobs can be delivered to any device defined to the OM Plus system providing a significant mobility factor.  In addition, users can redirect print jobs to other devices should there be a problem with the initial target device. Jobs are held in the mobile print release System for a user defined period of time so they can be presented at other devices as well.

There are many features of the My Print Delivery software:

  •     Secure:  Users are authenticated and only see their jobs.
  •     Confidentiality and Compliance: The risk of printed documents left in the output bin is minimized as the users will be directly at the device.
  •     Mobility: Users can move from one location to another and still print without having the need to log onto a computer.
  •     Cost:  SPR can reduce print volumes by 15%-20% lower usage of expensive toner.
  •     Green: Less paper and less toner is consumed.

There are several advantages of going with the My Print Delivery Mobile software from Plus Technologies:

  •     No client install
  •     Easy to use
  •     Numerous user interfaces
  •     Add-on Features such as re-direction of jobs, reprint capabilities
  •     Plus Technologies Experience: Plus Technologies has been delivering print solutions since 1994 and has tens of thousands of installs in 30 countries world wide.
  •     Cost Effective: Compared to other solutions OM Plus SPR costs less.

 OM Plus My Print Delivery Software

Print Release

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