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Epic Print Management

Epic Print Management

Epic provides a leading software application suite to the healthcare market. Epic consists of multiple software modules running on multiple computers with multiple print streams. Despite its market leading features Epic relies on the native spooling systems found at the operating system level. These basic spoolers do not communicate with printers, cannot confirm print, does not hold onto jobs, provide little audit capabilities and are difficult to manage.

Plus Technologies has experience in the Epic environment. From a print perspective Epic solutions involve multiple systems with multiple print streams that have successfully passed throughout this complex system. Epic customers may face numerous print related challenges such as:

  • Multiple Failure Points:
    • Print Queues on multiple hosts.
    • Large Failure Domains (one performance/failure can effect others).
    • Inability to provide Print Queues failover.
  • Inability to Manage/Track Print Jobs:
    • No confirmation of print
    • Inability to dynamically re-route print.
    • No Feedback for print jobs upon failure.
  • No Confidentiality – Security features
    • Audit trail
    • User permissions
    • Centralized control
    • HIPAA

The key expected benefits of OM Plus for an Epic implementation can be summarized as follows:

  • Improved availability and systems management capability across entire print infrastructure.
  • Ability to avoid large failures by implementing high availability and fail-over print.
  • Simplification and streamlining of print workflows and operations by reduction of print queues on multiple hosts.
  • Capability to support enhanced failover and load balancing capabilities for processing of production print streams.
  • Print job retention to allow elegant recovery from failure.
  • Increased velocity, reliability, scalability.
  • Improved print security.
  • Enable delivery confirmation and auto rerouting and help desk notification.
  • Enable print jobs tracking.
  • Print stream transform to enable printing on non-pdf printers.
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