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February 20, 2013

Plus Technologies and clSystech Form Partnership for Print Software in German Market

Plus Technologies and clSystech, a German technologies services company have agreed to a partnership. clSystech will market and support the OM Plus product suite including Delivery Manager, Fleet Manager, and Report Manager in Germany.  Germany is home to a large base of OM Plus Delivery Manager customers, and this agreement provides another channel into this market for print software solutions.

clSystech will offer German users of OM Plus a high quality alternative for technical support. clSystech is fully trained and experienced with the OM Plus product. Plus Technologies will be actively engaged with clSystech by providing development level software and version updates.

February 13, 2013

Singer Equipment Company Using OM Plus Spooler to Streamline Print

Singer Equipment of Pennsylvania has implemented OM Plus print spooling software from Plus Technologies  to automate their warehouse  print operations. Singer Equipment is one of the largest food service equipment and supplies providers in the US. Singer uses OM Plus on their IBM AIX system running Prelude software to streamline printing in their warehouse environment. Documents are printed in a ‘just-in-time’ manner to keep up with shipments. If printing errors occur, documents are not printed and shipments may be miss deadlines.

OM Plus print spooling software is used to increase system reliability,provide visibility of all printing, and to provide trouble shooting tools in the case of failure. In addition, the OM Plus print spooler provide the ability to restart, fail-over, and re-route documents.

February 13, 2013

Plus Technologies and Technology Partners Announce Partnership to Create Unique Offering for Output Management Solutions in the Middle East

Plus Technologies is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Technology Partners. With this partnership, Technology Partners will use Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Suite of enterprise print software tools to enhance their output management capabilities. Technology Partners is authorized to sell and support OM Plus Delivery Manager (print spooling software), OM Plus Fleet Manager (printer fleet management) and OM Plus Report Manager (document archiving and distribution).

February 12, 2013

Peri GmbH Implements OM Plus Delivery Manager for Print Spooling

Peri GmbH, a multi-billion manufacturing company based in Germany, has implemented a company wide print spooling solution based on Plus Technologies OM Plus print spooling software. Peri GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of form-work and scaffolding systems in the world. It has 5,700 employees, 53 subsidiaries and 110 locations. PERI serves its customers worldwide with innovative system equipment and a broad range of services related to form-work and scaffolding technology.

February 7, 2013

Print from your Smart phone, I-Pad or other Mobile Device

Do you need to print from your I-Pad, Android, phone or other mobile device? OM Plus Mobile-Print-Release is your answer. OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) provides printing from smart devices. Here is how it works.  Users forward the document via email to a specific email address (can be stored as a favorite) in the phone, I-Pad, or Android. OMP monitors the address – collects incoming emails – converts all attachments to print ready – holds them – delivers them when user releases them at the device.

If this article is of interest please contact Plus Technologies for more information.

February 7, 2013

OM Plus Report Manager – Ready to Ship

OM Plus Report Manager (RM) is ready to ship. OM Plus RM is as an electronic report distribution and archiving product that replaces Plus Technologies’ older RM Plus product.

OM Plus RM is based on the concept of “print avoidance’. Reports that are typically printed, then distributed can now be automatically ingested into OM Plus RM, automatically indexed, burst, distributed electronically, then viewed via browser.  In this way, printing costs are eliminated, documents are accessible sooner, and end user mobility is increased.

February 6, 2013

Detec Partnership with OM Plus in Flux

Plus Technologies has had a long standing relationship with Detec, a German company that provides electronic forms software. For years Detec has sold and supported OM Plus print spooling software as an add-on component to their Lasersoft and DoXite electronic forms solutions. Detec has dozens of OM Plus customers in Germany and nearby countries. Detec was recently acquired by Unicom Systems. This acquisition is changing the nature of the Detec – Plus Technologies partnership.

February 5, 2013

Plus Technologies Creates Printer Naming Guideline

Plus Technologies Technical Support team released a printer naming convention document today. This document outlines ‘best practices’ guidance for naming print queues.

By adopting a structured naming convention, it allows support personnel to quickly identify which printer someone is calling about.  When the help desk gets a call they can identify the printer in question easily and quickly by referencing the location parameters found in the queues name.

A meaningful naming convention should contain information that helps users determine which printer the queue is associated with. The following pieces of information should be taken into account when creating names:

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