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March 21, 2013

Lexmark Creates “Dynamic Clinical Printing’ Solution to Health Care Market Based on OM Plus

Lexmark has created a new offer to the heath care market called Dynamic Clinical Printing Solution. This printing software solution is based on Plus Technologies OM Plus Delivery Manager print spooling software. Dynamic Clinical Printing solution is intended to be used by medium and large size health care organizations and provides a number of key features including:

March 8, 2013

Plus Technologies working with Cerner to Streamline Millennium Print Output

Plus Technologies has integrated OM Plus Delivery Manager into Cerner’s Millennium EMR system. Millennium Users will not have to make changes to their EMR system when installing OM Plus Delivery Manager.

OM Plus Delivery Manager will streamline Millennium print operations by reducing system administration overhead, adding scalability and reliability, reducing queue management efforts, confirming document delivery to the printer tray, providing print accounting metrics, providing troubleshooting tools, providing views of all devices and all documents across the entire EMR system, enabling mobile employee print including VM Ware, providing “Print Release” capabilities, providing I-Pad and phone based printing, and more.

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