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December 15, 2014

New OM Plus FM – Downtime Report

OMPlus_FMThe purpose of the New OM Plus FM – Downtime Report is to show device uptime/down time and to highlight devices that may be showing signs of failure.

December 1, 2014

New Version of OM Plus Fleet Manager Available

OMPlus_FMPlus Technologies has deployed a new version of OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM). This new version includes improved report scheduling, and a new report template that quantifies device up/down time. Customers can contact Plus Technologies for more details or a demonstration of the new features.

November 24, 2014

Differences Between OM Plus and Print Server Elimination Software


Some of Plus Technologies‘ customers may be looking at software solutions designed to eliminate print servers and simplify queue management for simplicity let’s call this “eliminate print server software” or EPSW for short. If you are looking at such software it may be useful to note that there are differences between that kind of solution and OM Plus.

Manage the Print Queue vs Manage the Print Queue and the Print Job EPSW software is focused on managing the print queue. It will not manage the print job itself. To manage the print job they rely on the native operating system print spooler which have major limitations. The elimination of print servers means direct IP print with no print servers to handle failures, statistics, etc. EPSW will usually also require installation on every user workstation.

November 19, 2014

Plus Technologies announces ‘Connector’ to Perceptive Software

logo-plustechnologiesDayton, Ohio, November 17, 2014 – Plus Technologies has developed a ‘connector’ to Perceptive Software. Perceptive Software provides content management solutions for structured as well as unstructured data. These solutions are able to ingest documents from many sources but until now did not have a seamless ‘on ramp’ from back-end, enterprise ERP/EMR systems such Epic, SAP, Oracle and others.

The Plus Technologies ‘Connector’ provides an on-ramp from its OM Plus Delivery Manager print spooling software to allow spooled print jobs processed by OM Plus to be seamlessly indexed and ingested into Perceptive systems. This OM Plus ‘Connector’ allows Perceptive access to documents created by enterprise ERP and EMR systems such as SAP, Oracle, Epic, and others.

November 14, 2014

Perceptive Software and Plus Technologies Launch Integrated Solution

OM-PlusLogoPerceptive recently announced an integrated OM Plus print spooling solution to its sales force.

Perceptive Software provides solutions for structured as well as unstructured data. These solutions are able to ingest documents from many sources but until now did not have a seamless ‘on ramp’ from enterprise ERP/EMR systems. Plus Technologies has built a connector from its OM Plus DM print spooling software to allow spooled print jobs processed by OM Plus to be seamlessly indexed and ingested into Perceptive systems.

November 12, 2014

Another Healthcare Organization Picks OM Plus as EOM Solution

OM-PlusLogoPlus Technologies OM Plus print spooling software has been selected by a large healthcare organization to be its standard enterprise output management (EOM) solution. Plus Technologies was selected over several competitors including HP and LRS after a highly competitive selection process. This award adds to several other recent wins in the health care industry for Plus Technologies print spooling software.

This print spooling software will be used to manage the entire 4,500 fleet of print devices across multiple locations. The print and multi-function device fleet consists of devices from from multiple printer vendors.

November 7, 2014

Coretek and Plus Technologies to Partner

img_plus_technologiesCoretek, a Systems Integration and IT consulting company has agreed to partner with Plus Technologies. Coretek serves VDI, mobility and systems management markets. Under terms of the partnership Plus Technologies will work with Coretek to market enterprise output management solutions (EOM). These solutions include print spooling, intelligent routing, EMR/ERP queue management, pull print, print statistics and much more. Coretek is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

For more information, contact Plus Technologies

November 3, 2014

Print Appliance Being Tested

isatPlus Technologies‘s OM Plus i-Sat internet print technology is being tested by a large retailer with thousands of locations and tens of thousands of daily print jobs. i-Sat is being used to support a Cloud ERP App. Here documents are created in the data center then printed through OM Plus DM where they are encrypted and compressed and then sent to the remote location via the internet. Then they are received in the remote locations by the i-Sat appliance and then i-Sat routes print jobs to the appropriate printer.

October 27, 2014

Print Spooler in Municipal Government ERP

OM-PlusLogo8 more cities buy OMP Print Spooling Software. Kettering, Ohio is among the 8 cities who bought OMP Print Spooling Software, through Plus Technologies’ partner Sungard. Over 150 municipal and regional government entities have implemented OM Plus Print Spooler Software. Over a hundred smaller and mid size organizations from coast to coast have also acquired the print spooling software. Cities like Kettering Ohio, and Peoria Illinois included. Some larger cities in the US including New York, Cincinnati, Portland, Chicago, and Houston have also implemented OM Plus Print Spooling Software.

Some of these organizations have acquired the software directly from Plus Technologies while others have acquired the print spooling software through Plus Technologies’ partner, Sungard Public Sector. Sungard utilizes the OM Plus software in their ERP products such as One Solution and Naviline.

For more information, contact Plus Technologies

October 20, 2014

New Version of OM Plus DM Print Spooler Released

OM-PlusLogoPlus Technologies is constantly making changes and improving product functionality based on customer feedback. Plus Technologies does not have pre-planned release dates like many other software companies. We release new versions as they are needed by our customers so they do not have to wait.

A new version of OM Plus DM Print Spooler Software has completed QA and is now available.

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