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June 27, 2014

Imprimeas Partners with Plus Tech

PlustechLogo2013WhitePlus Technologies is pleased to announce its partnership with Imprime Mas y Mejor (Spanish for Print More and Better).

Imprimeas has partnered with Plus Technologies to sell output management software mainly in Nicaragua. This Nicaraguan service provider has selected Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Fleet Management (FM) software to support their managed print services solution, and monitor their printer fleet.

June 26, 2014

Plus Tech Web Services to Automate AS/400 Print

ompdmA SaaS ERP software vendor is integrating OM Plus spooling software to automate and enhance their AS/400 print operations. The AS/400 runs in the cloud (SaaS). Documents and reports created on the host AS/400 need to be printed in remote locations. Rather than use expensive and admin intensive vpn as the transport this ERP company will use the internet for print delivery and use the Plus Tech i-Sat agent.

June 19, 2014

Plus Technologies Announces New Demo System for i-Sat

isatPlus Technologies has now built a demo system that lets partners and prospective customers demonstrate i-Sat capabilities in their own facilities. An external facing OM Plus system has been installed to receive inbound i-Sat connections. Customers with i-Sat demo software can connect to this OM Plus system and have their documents print locally without any user intervention required.

June 13, 2014

Plus Technologies Policy Update to Maintenance Renewal

Plus TechnologiesPlus Technologies is updating its maintenance renewal policy.

The current maintenance renewal policy states that we notify the end user 60 days before coverage expiration of the upcoming maintenance fee invoice. This gives the customer an opportunity to review the details and identify any adjustments that may be needed. We then issue the invoice at least 30 days prior to the coverage period ending. That gives the customer a 30 day window to pay. Our expectation is for customers to pay before their coverage expires.

June 11, 2014

Plus Technologies Introduces an E-mail to Print Solution for Smartphone and Tablet Printing

E-mail to Print Solution for Smartphone and Tablet PrintingAs business landscapes continue to change, the need for employee mobility increases. With these users in mind, Plus Technologies has released a solution to address the need to print securely from a smartphone or tablet device.

If a user wants to print an email or its attachments they can merely forward it to a predefined e-mail address. OM Plus will monitor the in-box and automatically ingest the document. Users can set up one or more email addresses for this function as their needs require.

June 6, 2014

Enhanced Output Management for Cerner Millennium


Cerner Millennium is a market-leading Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution. Managing the print output from Cerner Millennium can be very complex.  In Millennium environments, OM Plus Delivery Manager provides key advanced spooling features not otherwise available. OM Plus has been designed to seamlessly integrate with Millennium so that no changes to Millennium are required.  OM Plus Delivery Manager provides numerous features and benefits including:

June 5, 2014

Plus Technologies Announces Partnership with Perceptive Software

PerceptiveSoftware_fromLexmarkPlus Technologies is pleased to announce its partnership with Perceptive Software. This partnership leverages Plus Technologies existing partnership with Lexmark International and allows Perceptive to market and sell Plus Technologies output management software into their markets. Perceptive will be able to resell OM Plus print spooler software into its customer base.

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