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October 27, 2014

Print Spooler in Municipal Government ERP

OM-PlusLogo8 more cities buy OMP Print Spooling Software. Kettering, Ohio is among the 8 cities who bought OMP Print Spooling Software, through Plus Technologies’ partner Sungard. Over 150 municipal and regional government entities have implemented OM Plus Print Spooler Software. Over a hundred smaller and mid size organizations from coast to coast have also acquired the print spooling software. Cities like Kettering Ohio, and Peoria Illinois included. Some larger cities in the US including New York, Cincinnati, Portland, Chicago, and Houston have also implemented OM Plus Print Spooling Software.

Some of these organizations have acquired the software directly from Plus Technologies while others have acquired the print spooling software through Plus Technologies’ partner, Sungard Public Sector. Sungard utilizes the OM Plus software in their ERP products such as One Solution and Naviline.

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October 20, 2014

New Version of OM Plus DM Print Spooler Released

OM-PlusLogoPlus Technologies is constantly making changes and improving product functionality based on customer feedback. Plus Technologies does not have pre-planned release dates like many other software companies. We release new versions as they are needed by our customers so they do not have to wait.

A new version of OM Plus DM Print Spooler Software has completed QA and is now available.

October 13, 2014

Label Printing Enhancement

ompdmA large chemical supply company has selected OM Plus print software to enhance their Manhattan Associates label printing operation in their warehouses.

The Manhattan Associates system creates shipping labels in waves (batches). The issue is that these labels are not printed in the optimal sequence. As a result, these labels have to be re-sequenced manually leading to unnecessary labor cost and human error.

OM Plus print spooling software is used to ingest the zpl and xml data streams used for printing labels on a fleet of Zebra label printers. Based on triggers found in the data stream, OM Plus spooling software is able to re-sequence the labels and automatically  put them in the optimal order. With the OM Plus print software, the labels are printed and applied to shipping pallets without excess manual labor saving time and money.

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October 10, 2014

Large Epic User Chooses OM Plus Output Management Software

OM-PlusLogoA public healthcare organization with 1,000 beds and over 10,000 employees has selected Plus Technologies OM Plus print management software. This organization currently has multiple sites, multiple EMR systems, and over 3.000 print devices.  This OM Plus software Suite implementation will be used to augment a Managed Print Service provided by a large printer oem vendor.

OM Plus print software will be used to streamline their complex Epic EMR document output operation which will simplify operations, increase reliability, and save cost.

October 6, 2014

Large School District orders My-Print-Delivery (MPD)

myprintDelA large school district evaluated pull print solutions and selected My-Print-Delivery (MPD). In addition to the pull print solution, the customer will realize benefits from OM Plus Delivery Manager which is recognized as a ‘premier” print spooling software product. This solution will be delivered in conjunction with a large Managed Print Services provider.
Quote from this customer: “We love your OM Plus My-Print-Delivery” system. It is really cool and we are very excited about it”

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