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November 30, 2015

My-Print-Delivery Enhancement Reminder

ompMPDSoftwarePlus Technologies continues to work to enhance our My-Print-Delivery (MPD) product. As a reminder some of the recent enhancements: MPD can run as an embedded solution on Lexmark, Xerox EIP 2.0+, as well as enabled HP and Dell devices. With the embedded solution one would only need a USB card reader instead of the more expensive Ethernet card readers.

Also Plus Technologies has a My-Print-Delivery ‘Express’ version that acts sort of like the simple card tap/Ethernet version. When a user taps their card, their jobs print without having to go through a select/release process. One can run the ‘Express’ and Standard version on a printer so an end user has a choice of how to release their jobs. Administrative users may want the ability to select various jobs and clinical users may just want the fastest way to get their jobs. This functionality can save money by going with the embedded/USB reader version and still giving fast or selective print release experiences.

November 25, 2015

Automotive Manufacturer using OM Plus to Streamline Output Management Function

MLADA BOLESLAV, CZECH REPUBLIC - APRIL 16: Skoda Auto celebrates 20th Anniversary of Association with Volkswagen by Open Doors Day on April 16, 2011 in Mlada Boleslav

An automotive parts manufacturer with over $40B in annual revenue, 170,000 employees, dozens of manufacturing locations across North America and Asia has implemented OM Plus output management software to streamline document output from its core back-office systems.

OM Plus print software has been implemented on 26 server systems across the enterprise to ingest documents from several ‘back-office’ systems such as MFG/Pro. OM Plus replaces and enhances the spooling function to increase system scalability, improve system performance, ensure accurate routing of documents, enhance diagnostics, and streamline help desk operations.

OM Plus allows users to see status and control documents as they are routed throughout the enterprise regardless of the system that created the documents and the final destination. The improved fidelity of the output management system allows the manufacturer to meet more customer deadlines and avoid late fees and penalties. OM Plus also saves IT and help desk resource as trouble shooting and problem resolution is improved.
This customer takes advantage of Plus Technologies’ subscription licensing program to minimize up front capital costs and save money.

November 17, 2015

QRX Partners with Plus Technologies in Canada

business hand shake deal in colour with a toned background to match colours family of sleeves

QRX has agreed to resell OM Plus print software to its customers in the Canadian market. As part of this relationship QRX will receive Plus Technologies training on the products as well as implementation and support services.
QRX Technology Group is a national provider of print management, managed print services, and data storage solutions serving Canadian corporations, institutions and government since 1989. Proudly Canadian, QRX’s head office is in Toronto and regional offices in major cities to service customers from coast to coast.
Adding OM Plus print software to QRX’s portfolio provides them market leading print software for output management solutions, pull-print, tamper resistant print, rules based document workflow, secure internet delivery, and print statistics.

November 12, 2015

Retailer Using Print Software to Improve SAP Output

Retailer, Print Software, SAP Output, SAP, Plus Technologies, OM Plus

Retailer Using Print Software to Improve SAP Output

A furniture retailer based in Minnesota with 8 distribution center, 14 retail locations, and over 500 printers is using OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM). They are using Delivery Manager print spooling software to improve performance of SAP system. Moreover, being in the high-end furniture and design business; performance of SAP output is critical as it can impact customer service. Furthermore, meeting timely delivery deadlines is a priority for this user. In addition to SAP output, OM Plus is used to manage the output created by users in their Citrix/Windows-based system.

OM Plus spooling software is used to confirm that printing of SAP created actually occurred by utilizing “bi-directional print confirmation” from the printer itself. The printer returns print status to OM Plus and, OM Plus returns that status to the SAP System itself via the certified BC-XOM interface so that end users can see real-time status in their SAP UI.
The environment for this OM Plus solution includes multiple operating systems and server types including HP-UX and Windows.

November 9, 2015

OM Plus Stats Manager to Add Device Data

OMPlus_SM_WhiteIn the current version, OM Plus Stats Manager (SM) ingests print statistics from Delivery Manager print spooler. These stats include everything the spooler knows about the print job including data like user, printer, pages, date/time, copies, and more. OM Stats ingests this data and presents views and reports of this to customers to help them better manage their print environment. To this point, OM Stats does has not yet incorporated snmp based device data.
This is about to change as Plus Technologies is embarking on a project to integrate device based data into the product. By adding snmp based device data into SM users will now be able to get views of printer page counts, copy counts, scan counts, toner usage, and more. Together with the user print data already available in SM this provides a unique and insightful view into the users print environment.

More info will be posted when this enhancement is ready to be released.

November 3, 2015

Printer Logic and Plus Technologies Collaboration


Printer Logic provides printer solutions for Windows printing. We call this ‘front end” printing. Front end printing is usually characterized by printing from Windows Apps like Office or the internet.
Front-end printing does not usually include managing output from large ERP’s (eg. SAP, Oracle, MAS90, etc) or EMR’s (eg. Epic, Cerner, McKesson, etc). We call this environment ‘back-office” output.
Managing and streamlining the output from the “back-office’ systems is where OM Plus shines.
Together the two solutions can provide a nice enterprise wide solution. Until now however, the issue has been that the two products did not co-exist well. Because of the way Printer Logic worked users could not implement OM Plus print software for back-end benefits. To overcome this issue the two companies have collaborated to make changes to the products so that they can inter-operate seamlessly. The result is that users can now implement both solutions and gain benefit in both front-end and back-end environments.

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