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March 28, 2018

SAP Print Management: Improve Print Reliability & Intelligent Job Routing

Plus Technologies’ SAP Print Management: Improve Print Reliability & Intelligent Job Routing Video, Output Management, OM Plus

Plus Technologies’ SAP Print Management: Improve Print Reliability & Intelligent Job Routing Video

Recently, Plus Technologies posted a case study video that describes our SAP Print Management solution recently implemented in a large retail environment. This retailer runs SAP as their ERP system and has over 1,000 locations/stores. The OM Plus print software solution helped solve print fidelity issues when printing from the data center to remote store locations. The solution reduced print errors, increased scalability, provided much needed trouble shooting tools, provides enhanced print failover, confirms print, and reported print status back to SAP so SAP users could view actual status from their SAP UI. Specifically, this new video is available on Plus Technologies’ website, . Additionally, this video and others are available on Plus Technologies’ YouTube channel,

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March 21, 2018

US Joint Commission on Taxation to Use OM Plus

US Joint Commission on Taxation to Use OM Plus, OM Plus, Plus Technologies, Output Management, Fleet Manager, FM

US Joint Commission on Taxation to Use OM Plus

The United States Joint Commission on Taxation (JCT) has recently purchased OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM). OM Plus Fleet Manager (OM Plus FM) is a comprehensive printer fleet management software tool. FM helps organizations or Managed Print Services providers manage print and multi-function/copy fleets. Plus Technologies‘ printer fleet management software gathers near real time data such as page counts, color and mono pages, copies, scans, faxes, errors, device health, toner levels, and more. FM parses the data, analyzes it, notifies users, and generates reports. OM Plus FM can highlight device usage, device up-time, automate consumables ordering/replenishment, and alert users on technical issues. Data can be used to optimize printer fleets. OM Plus FM can be deployed as a hosted solution or as an on-site solution.

March 14, 2018

My-Print-Delivery (MPD) Update

My-Print-Delivery (MPD) Update, Plus Technologies, OM Plus

My-Print-Delivery (MPD) Update

There have been several upgrades to OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD)  Plus Technologies’ pull-print product (sometimes called print release). The current release is Version 4.0x and many new functions and features have been added.

Secure Queue Release (SQR)

A new means of releasing print jobs from devices called Secure Queue Release (SQR) has been added to MPD. This is a useful way to release jobs in healthcare where documents are routed to exam rooms and can be released by any authenticated person there.
This new SQR capability is available as part of our MPD module of our OM Plus product suite. It enables users to securely tap and release print jobs associated with different virtual print queues, at an enabled printer. The user releasing a job does NOT have to be the one that originally submitted the job. SQR is an embedded application which allows an authenticated MPD user to release print jobs assigned to “virtual queues” for printing on an associated physical printer.

March 7, 2018

OM Plus Delivery Manager Takes Advantage of Epic’s New API Technology

HIMSS, Plus Technologies, Epic, OM PlusOM Plus Delivery Manager Takes Advantage of Epic’s New API Technology

Plus Technologies OM Plus output management software is currently being featured in multiple booths at the HIMSS Conference in Vegas.

  1. Lexmark Booth #4232 – Daily OM Plus presentations about Advanced Output Management, Rx Print, Secure Queue Release, and Rx Demo.
  2. Coretek Booth #8334 – (Integrated solution with Imprivata, Citrix, OM Plus, PrinterLogic, Print Release, Rx Print) Demos of our solutions on Lexmark CX725 printer.
  3. Elatec USA Booth #10332 – (Card reader supplier, readers that work with our OM Plus/Imprivata print release solution) Demo My-Print-Delivery (MPD), Secure Queue Release (SQR), Rx on Lexmark CX725.
  4. PrinterLogic Booth #11413 – (integrated solution of OM Plus/PrinterLogic in Citrix/VMware environments providing front-end/back-end enterprise print management, print release, Rx print, and other solutions) Demo MPD, SQR, Rx on Lexmark CX725 and Presentation on Wednesday.

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