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September 27, 2019

New OM Plus Web Client Now Available

New OM Plus Web Client now Available, New Version, Web Client, OM Plus, DM, Delivery Manager, Plus Technologies

New OM Plus Web Client Now Available

A new version of Plus Technologies’ Web Client has completed QA and is now available. OM Plus Web Client Version 2.2.0008 includes new features and adds the ability to set up OM Plus Security features within the web client. Plus Technologies’ web client has been upgraded and released. The upgrade added the ability for the users to filter printers based on group, type, and status.

Users interested in a version upgrade should contact [email protected]

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.

September 24, 2019

Healthcare Company Implements OM Plus

Healthcare Company Implements OM Plus, Plus Technologies, Output Management, OM Plus

Healthcare Company Implements OM Plus

A healthcare organization has implemented an OM Plus Solution. This solution is in the initial phase of implementation. This customer will have 3 phases and Plus Technologies is currently working on phase 1.

This hospital in Colorado is using remote hosted Cerner and Xerox printers. They are using Plus Technologies’ partner PrinterLogic to create and propagate print queues/drivers to desktops and replicate into OM Plus.
PrinterLogic will handle direct IP printing where necessary.

OM Plus will manage those and integrate with existing Imprivata for pull print authentication, for workflows conducive to pull-printing. For workflows not conducive to normal user based pull print but still want security of a pull print process for given queues, they will utilize Secure Queue Release (SQR). Secure Queue Release (SQR) is a special type of print release developed by Plus Technologies to allow jobs to be directed to a specific destination such as an emergency room and released by multiple qualified people. For pre-mapped clinical print work flows requiring immediate printing, OM Plus will collect jobs from Cerner back end and manage, monitor, deliver jobs.
OM Plus Stats Manager (SM) will collect and analyze print usage that OM Plus manages and PrinterLogic will provide usage analysis of what they manage.

September 17, 2019

Zero Footprint SAP Solution Provided for SaaS Environment

healthcare, Zero Footprint SAP Solution Provided for SaaS Environment, OM Plus, Carestream, Output Management, SAP, SaaS

Zero Footprint SAP Solution Provided for SaaS Environment

A large organization in the medical radiology and imaging business needed to make multiple software technology transitions to update their IT infrastructure. This process included moving from on-premise systems to a hosted environment which included SaaS and IaaS solutions. Their incumbent enterprise output management system (HP Dazel – Opentext Output Server) would not run in their new environment architecture. Their electronic forms system (Adobe Central – Jetforms) would not run in the new environment either. In addition, they needed to move and upgrade their on-premise SAP ECC system to SAP Business Suite in the HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC).

There were several challenges with this migration plan including a tight schedule, the HANA Enterprise Cloud SaaS solution not allowing 3rd party software to co-reside on the application, and a period of old system/new system overlap to allow for forms redevelopment.

Automating document management and business processes