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May 29, 2020

Reasons for Output Management Software

Reasons for Output Management Software, print management, output management, OM Plus, Plus Technologies

Reasons for Output Management Software

Output Management Software can be defined as: ‘an information technology system that takes system output (ie. print jobs) and deals with formatting, routing, bundling, bursting, load balancing, secure delivery, and confirmation of documents to the intended destination, most commonly printers. Plus Technologies’ market leading solution for Output Management is OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM).

May 20, 2020

OM Plus Printer Load Balancing

OM Plus Printer Load Balancing, Printer load balancing, load balance, plus technologies

OM Plus Printer Load Balancing

Printer load balancing, or printing across multiple printers can significantly improve overall document output velocity. Another name for printer load balancing is printer pooling. In busy printing environments several jobs may be sent to the printer in a short period of time. However, when this happens the documents become stacked up and have to wait their turn before printing. With Printer Load Balancing, documents do not wait for prior jobs to print. Documents are routed to available printers and print right away.

OM Plus printer load balancing allows a user to define a group of printers called a “printer class”. Printer load balancing is accomplished by OM Plus Print Spooling distributing the documents to all the devices within the class. Using bi-directional communications OM Plus can detect the status of printers. If the printer is busy OM will direct waiting jobs to the next available print device.

May 7, 2020

National Passenger Rail Service Rolls Out OM Plus Software

National Passenger Rail Service Rolls Out OM Plus Software, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, DM, Delivery Manager, railroad

National Passenger Rail Service Rolls Out OM Plus Software

Plus Technologies has licensed OM Plus Output Management Software to a national rail transport service (Amtrak). This company has ordered OM Plus Output Management software to help streamline its print operations.

Specifically OM Plus is being used in the AWS cloud to route, transform, and print ‘train bulletin” documents that are created on a remote system and emailed via a popular email SaaS vendor’s cloud to ensure the documents are reliably delivered to printers and printed in the correct print format. Due to OM Plus’ extensive print functionality changes were not needed to the mainframe software saving time and money.

Included with this OM Plus print management solution is the optional Context Delivery Plus (CDP) module that is able to examine document metadata such as title, source, content, destination, etc and based on customer defined parameters invoke specific value-added functions such as format transformations as needed.

The OM Plus solution is also integrated with PrinterLogic’s Printer Installer product to help reduce system administration and overhead.

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