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July 30, 2021

Quality of Technical Support Matters

Quality of Technical Support Matters, technical support, OM Plus, Plus Technologies, techsupportlogoQuality of Technical Support Matters

Output Management software is used in business critical situations to ensure needed documents are printed properly, on time and in the form needed. If there is a problem with printing critical documents interruptions to the business or customer service can occur. That is why after-sale technical support is critical to our customers. They know they can rely on Plus Technologies.

Plus Technologies customers receive direct access to our Service Technicians. No phone tree or dispatch, service starts as soon as the phone is answered. Our Service Technicians are co-located with the Development staff so if there are any difficult problems escalation to development starts immediately. 7 x24 service is available if needed.

In addition, our customers receive free version upgrades. We work hand – in – hand with our customers to keep their systems running smoothly with the least down time possible. Our customers notice that effort and give us good grades. We consistently receive positive feedback from our customers for our dedication to helping them. Here is a comment from one of the largest banks in the country… “You guys do a fine job of supporting us and keeping our systems running and for that I thank you.”

So if you are a customer considering acquiring Print Management Software please consider the advantages of a dedicated support team at Plus Technologies. Our software is very good but our after sale service is excellent too.

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July 13, 2021

Delivering Printed Documents Still Matters

Delivering Printed Documents Still Matters

document management, Delivering Printed Documents Still Matters, OM Plus, Delivery Manager, Plus Technologies

Experts have been predicting the demise of printed documents for decades. We were supposed to be “paperless” by now.

While some printing processes lend themselves to electronic alternatives there are still many important business/organization processes that depend on the paper document.

Consider the documents needed for transporting goods such as bills of lading, manifests, labels, etc. Without these, products cannot be shipped from manufacturers, warehouses, rail, etc.

In addition, consider the healthcare environment where printed documents are needed to provide quality patient care. Consider documents required for compliance and safety.

Automating document management and business processes