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Adding Users to Groups

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

Adding Users to Groups

Local, remote, and login users can be added to a group, but first local users must be added. If a user is added to the security system, that user can only access destinations to which their group is assigned and only perform functions in the permissions model applied to the destinations. A user can only be in one security group at a time, but a group can consist of one or many users. OM Plus uses the name entered. In UNIX, the name should match the login user ID to the host on which OM Plus is installed. For information on adding remote and login users, refer to Adding Remote Users and Adding Login Users.

To add local users to a group, complete these steps:

1. Navigate to the OM Plus Security Maintenance Groups screen.

OM Plus DM Security Groups

2. Click Add User.

3. In the Enter User Name field, enter a new user name.

The user appears in the list for this group.

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