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Advanced settings

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

Advanced settings

Two other files are used for determining additional settings for the OM Plus server. The first of these files is located at:


This file holds three lines outlining three options. The first is “ReceiveAny” which, if set to “y” will allow any host broadcasting its definitions to add its destinations to this server, regardless of whether or not that server is named in the receiveHosts file.

The second setting is “SendAny” which, if set to “y” will allow any OM Plus server requesting destinations from the server to receive those destinations.

“ProxyMode”, if set, will allow an OM Plus server to transmit destinations it receives from other OM Plus servers as though they were its own. This can be useful in a secure environment where not all OM Plus servers needing to share destinations can be found by each other. A central proxy server can be used to relay the destinations from one to the other.

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