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Configuring OM Plus for SAP Callbacks

  • Date: Nov 04, 2015

Configuring OM Plus for SAP Callbacks

In order to make callbacks, OM Plus must have an initial contact SAP target address as well as login ID(s) and password(s) for any SAP callback target instances OM Plus may establish contact with. Additionally, if multiple OM Plus systems are communicating with the same SAP system, they must be made aware of each other so as to be able to pass updates amongst themselves.

This configuration information is provided by the file sapconfig.NODE file in the $LPHOME/constants directory. (“NODE” is the name of the host as returned by uname –n .) A sample version of this file, with comments, is provided as sapconfig.example. To activate SAP callback capabilities, an edited version of sapconfig.example file may be saved as sapconfig.NODE. Because this file contains login information, make sure to set the permissions to 0600 and the owner to ‘ompsys2.’

The sapconfig file is a text file with lines of comma separated values. Lines that are blank or begin with a ‘#’ character are ignored. The first field is a single letter record type which determines which parameter field(s) follow. The L and A records provide login and audit information for SAP target instances not defined in this file by T records. Thus new targets may be defined in SAP LOMS definitions without having to modify this file. One or more T records may be added to explicitly define targets and their information. This is useful when targets differ from the default. The R record(s) define the ROMS this OM Plus node is serving as. If an OM Plus system is serving multiple independent SAP systems, they must each access OM Plus using a different ROMS name and there would be multiple entries here. The N records are needed if there is more than one OM Plus system serving an SAP system. Although the name of the local system is not required, including it means that one can replicate this configuration file to all the named systems.

Type Parms Meaning


Default login parameters for SAP targets not explicitly defined by T records.

ID SAP login ID
Password password for SAP login
Client client number for SAP login


Default SAP Log Audit level for targets not explicitly defined by T records.

Level 0 (min) – 3 (max), default 0


Explicit SAP session target definition(s).

Target host SAP target instance in the form host_sys_nnn.
ID SAP login ID
Password password for SAP login
Client client number for SAP login
Audit Level 0 (min) – 3 (max), 0 default


The Real Output Management System(s) OM Plus is providing to SAP.

ROMS ID The name of the ROMS.
Initial Target The SAP instance OM Plus should contact on startup.
Retry Seconds The retry interval after a connection failure.


The hostname(s) of OM Plus systems (nodes)

Host Hostname of another OM Plus system serving the same SAP system(s).
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