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Configuring On Windows

  • Date: Oct 30, 2015

Configuring On Windows

Configuring a destination in Windows consists of two parts, the second of which is optional. First, a destination must be created and then, if desired, it may be linked to a Windows print queue.

The main advantage of “linking” to a Windows printer is that it allows native Windows applications to use Windows’ default spooler to enter jobs into OM Plus. Also, it allows for easier printer sharing in a Windows environment.

Even if a destination is linked to a Windows printer, jobs can be spooled directly to that destination using the command line. Also, a destination may be linked to more than one Windows printer.

Creating a Destination

To configure the first OM Plus destination on Windows, Click on Start > Plus Technologies OM Plus > Destinations > Destination. The OM Plus Destination screen will be displayed.

To create a new destination, select “Destinations” under the host name you wish to create the destinations on and then click “New” in the bottom left corner. A window will appear asking for a name and the type of destination to be configured. Select a type, and then input the required information.

For a first destination, Plus Technologies recommends using a Network Printer running in Raw TCP mode. The address in this case can be the IP address or resolvable host name for the printer and the port should be 9100. Once this has been configured, select “Finish” to create the destination.

Linking a Windows Printer

To Link a Windows Printer Definition to an OM Plus Destination, complete these steps:

From the Windows Start menu, select OM Plus, Server, and Link Windows Printers & OM Plus Destinations.

Link Windows Printers and OM Plus DM Destinations
The Link Windows Printers and OM Plus Destinations screen appears.

From the Windows Printer column, select the local Windows printer to be linked to the new OM Plus printer destination.

From the OM Plus Destination column, select the OM Plus destination created previously (in this example, W820).

Click Create Link, and then when prompted, click Yes to continue creating the link.

The port name now appears as PlusTech1 and the OM Plus destination appears as W820.

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