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Configuring Report Bundler.

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

Configuring Report Bundler.

To configure Report Bundler, first create a local destination using the “Bundle” mode. At this stage, the bundle type can be determined.
Add New Destination

For information on the four bundling type options, refer to the following table.

Option Description
Bundle Bundles reports based on a user defined parameter that must be included on the command line.
Form Bundles reports based on the selected form.
UserId Bundles reports based on the submitter’s user ID.
Title Bundles reports based on the report title.

OM Plus DM Bundle Parameters

After creating a bundle destination, the parameters for that bundle must be defined. To access the Bundle Parameters screen, click “Report Bundler” from the “Document Conditioning” section of the Control Panel.

On the Bundle Parameters field, each line of the parameter list represents a match to the value in the Bundle Type field defined in the destination definition screen. For information on each value and their definitions, refer to the following table.

Value Definition
Resolved Value Value to match for this parameter.
Destination Destination to where to spool bundled requests for this parameter.
User User ID to use when spooling this bundle. This allows unique security setups.
LP Options Options to use for this bundle. These options are command options for the dcclp command. For information, refer to Using the Command Reference.

From the Bundle Parameters window, select the Parameters menu, Add Parameter, and then select each field to enter a value. While each bundle printer can only bundle on one parameter, it can have multiple value matches for that parameter. If a request is spooled to the bundle printer that does not match any of the resolved values, the request is marked interrupted. There can be multiples of the same resolve value configured. In this case, the request will be put into a separate bundle for each of the matching parameters.

The bundler can be configured to bundle all matching jobs for a resolved value that is not defined. By adding a line that has a resolved value of ‘default’ the system will still bundle like jobs together even if their specific value is not listed. It will then spool them to whichever destination with whatever options are associated with the default resolved value.

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