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Creating Security Groups

  • Date: Nov 02, 2015

Creating Security Groups

Group Maintenance is used to group OM Plus users that have common destination and access needs. A permissions model is applied to each destination.

To add security groups, complete these steps:

1. From the OM Plus Security Groups screen file menu, select “New Group.”

A prompt appears asking for a name for the new group.

2. In the Enter New Group Name field, enter the new group name, and then click OK.

The new group name is now available in the Security Group drop down menu.

OM Plus DM Security Groups

Selecting a Destination for the Group

After adding a group, one must add destinations to the security group, and then assign the proper permissions model to the destination.

To add a destination, complete these steps:

1. From the OM Plus Security Group screen, select “Add” from the bottom Destination and Models pane.

The Destinations screen appears.

2. Select the destination to add, and then click OK.

The Models screen appears.

Select Model

3. Select the permission model this group should use for this destination, and then click OK.

The Destination and its associated security Model appear.

OM Plus DM Security Groups

A group of printers can be added by clicking the printer icon in the lower left. This will bring up a group selection screen.

Selecting a group and model will add all printers in that group to this security group.

A group must also be assigned an administrative level. The administrative levels are:

  • None – Users may not use any of the printer level or server level functions in OM Plus.
  • Printer Admin – Users may use printer level functions of OM+ (adding or removing destinations, changing destination settings, etc) but not any of the server level functions of OM+.
  • System Admin – Users may use printer and system level functions in OM+ but may not edit the security profiles.
  • Full Admin – These users may change any setting in OM+.
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