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Defining Search Criteria in Context Delivery

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

Defining Search Criteria in Context Delivery

Context Delivery is structured in levels and can be set up to make document delivery decisions based on multiple triggers. All level 1 decisions are independent from each other, all level 2 under the same level 1 are independent, and so forth.
OM Plus DM Context Delivery
To define a new criterion, complete these steps:

1. Select the upper level on which to add a new piece of criteria and select Add Branch from the commands menu.

2. From the Type list, select one of the following types of criteria.

Criteria Function
Copies Checks the number of copies requested on the dcclp command line (-n).
Data Type Checks the OM Plus data type as specified with the –T switch on the command line. This will not change the default data type.
Destination Checks the destination to which the request is being spooled (-d).
Data Contains Searches the file for the specified criteria.
Data Contains (remove) Searches the file for the specified criteria and removes it, if found.
Data Contains (remove line) Searches the file for the specified criteria and removes the entire line, if found.
Advanced Form Checks the electronic form file specified (-F).
Form Checks the standard or advanced form specified (-f).
Hold Checks to see if the hold flag was specified (-h).
Options Checks the –o command line options.
Priority Checks the value of the requests priority (-q).
Time Checks to see the future time for de-spooling, if set (-w).
Title Checks the title of the request (-t or default).
User Checks the user ID of the user submitting the request.

3. In the Search Criteria field, enter the value to be compared. This can be a plain text, direct match or, if desired, a regular expression. If a regular expression is used, make sure Regular Expression is selected.

Once Context Delivery locates a match, it can change various parameters of the request. Context Delivery sets the parameters to the level of the most detailed match. If the request matches a level 2, but not an associated level 3, it will be spooled with level 2 settings.

Once the system reaches a match, the job’s options can be modified. Leaving an entry blank will keep any settings currently set for that job. Otherwise, the data may be modified. For Priority and Copies, a different number may be entered. For User and Title, text may be entered. For Timed a time delay may be entered. For the rest, either text may be entered or, for convenience, an item may be selected from the drop down menu.

In addition, any Regular Expression match may be used as an input in a text field. Entering $MATCH1 will enter the text that matched the first level’s Regular Expression match. $MATCH2 will return the second level’s match, $MATCH3 will return the third level’s match.

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