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Destination Details Screen

  • Date: Nov 05, 2015

Destination Details Screen

Destination: The name of the destination.

Mode: The connection mode for this destination. For more information, see Modes.

Device: Location of device.

RID: The RID of the request currently de-spooling to this destination.

Banner: Will the destination attach a banner page by default?

Fbrk: Will the destination insert a page break after each file?

Cbrk: Will the destination insert a page break after each copy?

CrLf: Will the destination convert line feeds to carriage return line feeds?

Pagelimit: The maximum number of pages allowed to be spooled to this destination in one job.

Model: The model this destination will use for processing jobs.

PCAP File: The PCAP file associated with this destination.

Translation Table: Specifies the translation table that will be used.

Form: Form currently mounted to this device.

Pend Form: When initiating a form change, this is the form that will be loaded when the device is re-enabled.

Def Form: The default form for this device.

Terminfo: The terminfo file associated with this device.

SW Dest: The switch destination for this device.

Alt Dest: The alternate destination for this device.

Write Timer: The amount of time, in seconds, OM Plus will attempt to write a job to this device.

Open Timer: The amount of time, in seconds, OM Plus will attempt to open a connection to this device.

Purge Time: The amount of time, in seconds, jobs will be kept after being marked eligible for purge and before being purged.

Close Delay Time: The amount of time to keep the connection active between jobs in streaming mode.

Metering: The rate, in characters per second, that jobs will be sent to the device.

Enable Time: Time of last enable.

Enable Reason: Note field for the enable.

Accept Time: Time device was last set to “accept.”

Accept Reason: Note field for describing the reason for setting to “accept.”

Notify Info: Legacy setting for LP Plus users.

Support: Name or contact information for support personnel.

Comments: Notes about this device.

Filter: The default filter used by this device.

User Filter: The user filter to be used by this device.

Two Way Protocol: The method of communication used by this device. For more information, see Job Confirmation Type.

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