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Email Scans

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

Email Scans

OM Scan Service Configuration

Host: Web address of mail server.

User: User name with permissions to access the desired inbox.

Password: Password for user above.

Port: Port to use to connect to the mail server (optional).

Authorization: The authorization to use to connect to the mailbox (optional).

User Definition: How should the system connect an email address to a user name. “Use Email address” will use the user name of the email address (everything to the right of the “@”). “Use File Lookup” uses a map file (specified in the next line) to match an email address with a user name. “Use Database lookup” uses the database configured in the next tab.

Cycle time: How often to check this specific inbox.
Script options are the same as before. The script defined in the “Script Name” field will be called and passed the parameters in Script Parameter 1 and Script Parameter 2. By default, the “spoolemail.bat” script will spool the body of the message as well as any attachments in supported formats.

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