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Epic Print Records

  • Date: Nov 02, 2015

Epic Print Records

This tool is designed to be used with Epic EMR systems. It is meant to configure a list of options for Epic Print Records that can be passed to a Cache server. Unless the client is configured to allow it, this screen will not appear on most OM+ installations.

OM Plus DM EPS to Destination Map


The host name where the OM Plus print queue will be defined. These are typically the same as the host name where this configuration file is created, but special cases can arise where a different server should be used to deliver jobs to a specific printer. This field can be used to direct traffic in that way.


A text based filter for quickly finding EPR or OM Plus queues in the table.

EPR Queue

The name of the EPR as it appears on the Cache server.

OM Plus Queue

The name of the OM Plus queue that will handle delivery of the print job.

Printer Type

With the Types screen, this will define the print driver that should be used to render the job on the Epic Print Server. This field will be passed to the EPS and a Windows queue for that driver will be created to render the job ready for print on the EPS before transferring it to the host specified in the first field.


Which tray number should be associated with the EPR.


Turns on or off duplexing for the device.

Paper Size

The size of the sheet that should be used for this EPR.


The paper type that should be associated with the EPR.

File Commands


Adds a new EPR to the list.


Removes the selected EPR from the list.


Allows a .csv of EPR records to be imported into the system. For proper formatting, please contact OM Plus support.

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