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Folder Scans

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

Folder Scans

OM Scan Service Configuration

To create a new folder scan process, select the Folder icon from the top of the left pane and fill in the required fields.

Folder: The folder to monitor.

Cycle time: Frequency, in seconds, with which the scan service should check the target folder.

Sorting: In which order should files be spooled if found? Creation time and file name are options, the default is the order in which the files are found in the folder, which may not be reliable.

Process Sequentially: If a sort order is defined, should the files be processed in that order?

Sub Directories Options: By default the scan service will not scan directories below the target directory. These settings can modify that behavior.

Process Sub-folders: Should sub folders be processed or ignored?

Max Threads: Maximum number of concurrent threads to use to scan subfolders.

Script Options: Once a file has been found, the scan service uses a script to understand what to do with the file. The default behavior is to pass the job to the destination specified in Script Parameter 1 with the options specified in Script Parameter 2. To change the behavior, change the script specified in the Script Name to another script in the OM Plus userfilter directory.

Files Removed: After executing the script specified, should the file be removed? This can be turned off if the script is designed to do something different with the file, but otherwise should remain true.

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