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From the Command Line

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

From the Command Line

The first method is to flag the spool file when it is submitted to OM Plus (spooled to dcclp). Setting an “-o” command line parameter does this. After the report is printed and the purge delay time period has expired, the spool file is then archived. The Archive command line options for dcclp are described below:

  • -o arch – Archive this request and compress the file*.
  • -o archu – Archive this request but do not compress the file*.
  • -o archk – Archive this request but do not allow the sweep program to delete it.

  • -o archuk – Archive this request, do not compress it, do not sweep*.
  • -o noarch – Do not archive this request (default).

* On OM Plus for Windows systems, archive files are never compressed. These commands are effectively the same from a compression standpoint.

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