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Linking OM Plus to UNIX LP (or LPR)

  • Date: Nov 02, 2015

Linking OM Plus to UNIX LP (or LPR)

OM Plus has a feature that can be used to link OM Plus to the native UNIX system. It is useful for legacy software that uses UNIX spooling commands.

To do so, use the dcclplink script: to complete the following tasks:

  • Disable the native lp startup and shutdown scripts.
  • Copy the native lp program and then link lp to dcclp.
  • Replace the native lpstat with OM Plus’s lpstat command.
  • Replace the native enable and disable programs with OM Plus’s enable and disable scripts.

In order to just replace the native lp with OM Plus, run the lplinkonly command to copy the native lp program and then link it to dcclp.

To unlink lp from OM Plus, run the dcclpunlink command.

OM Plus also comes with a program that has the ability to link to the native LPR command. To do so, link from the native LPR to $LPHOME/bin/dcclpr, and then use LPR.

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