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  • Date: Nov 04, 2015



Add, modify, and delete the OM Plus destination configuration.

lpadmin –p destination_name

UNIX and Windows

lpadmin allows the user to add, modify, and delete the OM Plus destination configuration.

[-c class]: Changes class for destination.

[-h device]: Changes device name.

[-i interface]: Changes interface for destination.

[-m interface]: Same as –i.

[-p printer_name]: sets printer name.

[-r class]: Same as –c.

[-T terminfo]: Changes the terminfo file.

[-v device]: Same as –h.

[-x]: deletes a destination.

[-z device]: do not verify device when adding.

[-o]: refer to options.

[-o altdest=<dest>]: sets the alternate destination.

[-o banner]: Include banner.

[-o close=x]: sets close delay timeout.

[-o cmd1 =command]

[-o cmnt =description]

[-o copybreak]: puts a form feed between copies.

[-o filebreak]: puts a form feed after files.

[-o filesometimes]: inserts a form feed at the end of a file if one is not already there.

[-o filter2 =filtername]: Filter the print job goes through.

[-o filter3 =filtername]: Another filter the print job may go through.

[-o form =form_name]: Select a different form.

[-o purgetime=seconds]: sets purge time.

[-o lfc]: LF to CR/LF on.

[-o metering =characters_per _second]: Set throttling to a specific rate.

[-o mode=mode]: Mode for print queue.

[-o nobanner]: No banner selected.

[-o nocopybreak]: turns off form feeds between copies.

[-o nofilebreak]: turns off form feed between files.

[-o nolfc]: LF to CR/LF off.

[-o noteinfo]: text for the note field.

[-o opentime=x]: sets connection open timeout.

[-o pagelimit=x]: sets page limit.

[-o Pcap =Pcap_name]: Select a different Pcap file.

[-o protadd]:

[-o purgetime=x]: sets purgetime.

[-o restore]: restore previous configuration.

[-o sleep=seconds]: sets sleep time.

[-o support=<text>]: places text in the “support” information field.

[-o swdest]:

[-o terminfo]:

[-o trantable =translation_name]: Select a different translation table.

[-o types]: data types allowed for this printer.

[-o url=<url>]: inputs the url of the printer’s internal web server.

[-o url_address]:

[-o usrfilter]: designates a user defined program through which to pass data. This must be a fully defined path to a local file.

[-o writetime=x]: sets write timeout.

[-o xcmd =x_command]

lpadmin -plaser –vhost!9100 –o mode= termserv –oolfc: This adds a network destination named “laser” and translate line feeds to carriage return line feeds.

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