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Managing the Delivery Of Enterprise Documents

  • Date: Oct 29, 2015

Managing the Delivery Of Enterprise Documents

OM Plus receives documents from a variety of systems in a variety of formats. It manages the reliable delivery of the documents to multiple destination types including, printers, fax servers, email servers, Web sites, and Intranet sites without any changes to the enterprise application. The application prints and OM Plus completes the rest.

Companies with large enterprise application implementations will create large volumes of documents. OM Plus is designed to manage all aspects of the document delivery process within the enterprise and solve document delivery problems.

OM Plus runs on all popular server operating systems including, commercial Microsoft, UNIX, and Linux/open-source servers. OM Plus is designed to be robust, efficient, as well as simple to install and run. Installations take less time than similar solutions because many of the functions are automated. This ease of installation and use is a major difference from other enterprise management products. In most cases OM Plus does not require changes to the host applications because it replaces or co-exists with the print subsystem of the operating system. When the application calls the native spooling system it is really calling OM Plus. OM Plus is compliant with most ERP applications, including SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, QAD, and more. OM Plus is fully SAPTM R/3 certified.

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