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OM Plus Event Processing

  • Date: Nov 04, 2015

OM Plus Event Processing

OM Plus has the ability to watch for specific events to occur in the printing process and then take action based on that event. Specific events have been set up so that when they occur, variables are passed and a shell script executes (%OMHOME%\event\ script_name for Windows and $LPHOME/event/script_name for UNIX). These shell scripts are tied directly to an event.

The event scripts are completely customizable so that there is flexibility with what can be done when an event occurs. The following table describes each event and the shell scripts executed when they occur. The event scripts are located in the %OMHOME%\event folder for Windows and the $LPHOME/event directory for UNIX.

For clarity, the descriptions of the events have been divided by operating system. These scripts are designed so the OM Plus administrator can modify them as needed.

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