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Request Details screen

  • Date: Nov 05, 2015

Request Details screen


Request ID (title bar): The RID for this request.

Status: The status of this request. For information on status, see Understanding Request Statuses.

Title: The title of the job. This will be a file name if coming from the command line or the title assigned by the Windows print spooler if coming through a linked printer.

Source: Name of the server that spooled the job. In Windows this is often the workstation name.

Destination: The destination to which this job will despool.

User: The user name of the user who spooled this job.

Date: The date and time the job was spooled.

Pages: The number of pages printed out of the number of pages in this print job. If OM Plus is unable to count the number of pages due to the data type, it will display the size in bytes with “SB” added to the end.

Priority: The priority of this job. 0 is lowest, 40 is highest. 20 is default.

Copies: Number of copies printed and requested.

Data type: The format in which OM Plus believes this job to be.

Form: The form required for this job.

Options: Any options that have been assigned using the “–o” option string.

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