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SAP Device Configuration for OM Plus

  • Date: Nov 04, 2015

SAP Device Configuration for OM Plus

1. From the main Spool Administration Initial Screen, select the Devices/servers tab and click the Output Devices Display button.


2. Select an existing device to edit or click the Create button to define a new one.

3. Device configuration is the same as for other non-OM Plus devices except on the Access Method tab:

a. Set the ‘Host Spool Access Method’ to ‘E: External Management System’.

b. Enter the OM Plus destination queue name into the ‘Host printer’ field.

c. Change the Logical OMS to the desired OM Plus LOMS defined previously.

d. If configuring a polling LOMS, do NOT select the ‘Do Not Query Host Spooler for Output Status’ checkbox.

e. Once all configuration for the device is complete, click save.

4. Return to the List of Output Devices and repeat steps 2 and 3 for all SAP output devices which should be handled by OM Plus.

The SAP devices are now configured to submit requests to OM Plus for printing and to receive request status from OM Plus. A job submitted via the OM Plus BCXOM interface will not purge from OM Plus until it has a final status (prntd, cmplt, xferd, etc.) and SAP has been informed that the request has completed.

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