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SAP Real OMS Configuration

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

SAP Real OMS Configuration

The SAP Real OMS configuration defines an instance of an Output Management System, informing SAP of the OMS’s capabilities. One ROMS definition for OM Plus is required.

1. From the SPAD Initial Screen, click on the Output Management Systems tab, then the Real Output Management Systems Display button.


2. To define a new ROMS, click on the Create Create button. (Or double click on an existing ROMS entry to modify it.) This will bring up the ROMS definition screen.

3. Edit the ROMS definition as follows:

a. Set ROMS Name and Description as desired.

b. Select ‘Command Line’ under the Tasking attribute.

c. Select all boxes under the Job Status attribute.

d. Select ‘Queue query’ under the Device Status attribute.

e. Enter a Reconfiguration Request delay. This is the interval at which OM Plus will perform an empty callback to check for SAP LOMS reconfiguration if there have been no request status callbacks.

f. The remaining OMS attributes should be deselected and the remaining text fields should be left blank for possible future use.

g. Click the Save button to save the ROMS definition.

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