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SAP R3 BCXOM Interface

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

SAP R3 BCXOM Interface

OM Plus has two certified SAP interfaces that facilitate the submission of SAP output requests to OM Plus and the return of request status back to SAP. The older SAP Polling interface periodically queries OM Plus via command line to determine the status of outstanding requests. It is available for all OM Plus supported operating systems. The SAP Callback interface is a more efficient and tunable. In callback mode, OM Plus systems establish persistent connections back to the servers SAP over which request status changes are reported. The OM Plus Callback interface is only available on the following platforms: AIX, Linux x86, HP-UX Itanium, Solaris SPARC and Windows.

There are three steps required to get the interface working properly:

1. Configuring ROMS, LOMS and device definitions in SAP.

2. Creating an sapconfig file in the OM Plus constants directory.

3. Setting up an enterprise RID span in OM Plus.

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