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Setting up the OM Plus RID Span

  • Date: Nov 04, 2015

Setting up the OM Plus RID Span

The RID span is a method by which each server uses a unique range of RID numbers when request are spooled to it. OM Plus uses the RID span to know what OM Plus server a request was spooled on. This is important for SAP because an environment may have more than one SAP server. Any SAP server can query for the status of any request spooled by any of the SAP servers in the enterprise. The dccsapstat program uses the RID span to determine which host to connect to in order to get the accurate status.

One OM Plus server needs to be designated the span host. It is the span host’s responsibility to publish the RID span file out to all of the servers.

To edit the RID Spans using the Client interface, open the Control Panel > System > RID Spans.

OM Plus DM RID Span Maintenance

Add a line containing host, starting RID, and ending RID for each OM Plus server in the enterprise. Starting RIDs must be larger than ending RIDs. Ranges cannot overlap. The minimum range is 500, but it is highly recommended that the range be greater than the maximum number of requests allowed on that system (See System Defaults).

The system that is the Span Host is the only system that needs to be set up using this utility. Periodically the Span Host will publish the current file to all of the systems listed. If a server that is not the Span Host is updated, the changes will be lost as soon as the real Span Host publishes its list.


Open the OM Plus (V2) for Windows application on the OM Plus server that is going to host the RID span file and select the ‘Environment’ tab.

OM Plus DM for Windows

Select the ‘Settings’ button. And locate the ‘SPAN Host RID Ranges’ tab.

Span Host

Select the ‘Current Host’ check box.

For each OM Plus server in the enterprise a line in the RID Span Control needs to be entered. Type each host name and a range of RID numbers into the Fields near the bottom of the window and select the add button. Don’t forget to include the Span Host server. The program will not allow overlapping ranges. Once done, select the ‘Close’ button and this server will propagate the correct RID spans file out to each server in the list.


On a Unix server, the Span file needs to be created manually on the span host. Make the following files.


This file should contain the hostname of the span host.


This file should contain an entry for each server in the enterprise. The format of the file is as follows.


starting_rid is the first RID number in that host’s range.

ending_rid is the last RID in that host’s range.


ibm 1,10000,50000
solaris 33, 50001,99999

Take great care to make sure that none of the RID ranges overlap.

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