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Understanding Client Specific Information

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

Understanding Client Specific Information

The Request Status screen that appears in the Client differs from the screens in the Character-based and Browser interfaces in the following ways.

In the Client, it is possible to view both the request and queue status, which means it is not necessary to have to access another screen to view or change the status of a destination queue. Text for a host, request, or queue appears as bold or in color to indicate its status.

Host Color Code Status
Black Operation is normal.
Red and Bold Scheduler service is not running.
Red Warning indicating Max Requests is over 80% of maximum value.
Queue Color Code Status
Black Queue is enabled and ready to de-spool.
Green Request is de-spooling on this queue.
Blue Queue is disabled and will not de-spool until it is enabled.
Red box Queue is rejecting requests and initial spooling will not occur.
Red and Bold Request active on this destination reflects a retry status. For information, refer to Understanding Request Statuses.
Blue Outline Destination is redirecting to another destination. Print jobs sent to this device are currently coming out in another location.
Request Color Code Status
Black Request is enabled and ready to de-spool.
Green Request is de-spooling.
Red Request is interrupted. For errors pertaining to this request, refer to the log.
Red and Bold Request is de-spooling, but is in a retry state. If the retry condition persists, the job will be interrupted.
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