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Understanding Report Distributor

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

Understanding Report Distributor

Report Distributor compares each page of a request against a set of independent criteria. For each set of criteria a new request is generated. Once all the pages have been compared the new requests are spooled to their destinations. The sets of criteria are called pages on the interface. If at the end of the compare a page’s criteria returns true then the document page is added to that criteria’s request. It is possible to add a document page to multiple requests by meeting multiple criteria. What this allows, for example, is to deliver to a user’s printer or address only the pages of a large report in which they are interested.

To use Report Distributor, a Report Distributor printer must be defined in Destination Configuration, and a path to a working directory put in the Destination Device field. The working directory is used as working space. When a report is burst into multiple spool files, this directory is used as the temporary working directory. Then in the Report Distributor Configuration menu, create a Report Distributor Script File. When a job is spooled to Report Distributor, this script file is used. If a name is not specified, it saves with the name default. The default file is used if no file is specified.

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