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Understanding Request Statuses

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

Understanding Request Statuses

Request statuses appear in the Stat field. For information on the status messages and their definitions, refer to the following table.

Status Definition
activ Output request is de-spooling or being transferred to another host.
busy Queue file for this output request is in use by another OM Plus application.
can Output request is canceled and after the purge delay time, will be removed from the queues.
cmplt Request for an OM Plus mode destination completed successfully.
A parent RID whose children have all finished printing.
faild Fax or email report failed.
faxed Fax has been sent.
fpend Request is waiting for the proper form to be mounted on the destination.
held Output request is on hold.
intrd Output request failed while spooling or de-spooling (printing).
maild Email report was delivered to the email subsystem.
partl Group fax has been partially sent (some faxes failed). Look at the fax status to determine which failed.A parent RID whose children have not all finished printing.
prntd Output request has de-spooled successfully.
proc Output request is processing.

purg Output request has been purged from the queue system.
ready Output request is ready to de-spool.
retry On UNIX this state occurs if the OM Plus server has not been able to get a connection or write to the device for more than 30 seconds. On a Windows server the amount of time can be configured in the Timeouts settings of the main server interface (not the Client).

sent Report has been sent to an OM Plus or fax mode destination and the final result is not yet known.
spool Output request is spooling (moving into the queue).
susp Output request has been suspended and must be released to de-spool.
timed Output request is set to de-spool at a future date and time.

xfer Output request has been transferred to another host over the network or to disk.
2big Report contains more pages than are permitted for delivery to this destination. The request will either need to be moved to a suitable destination for printing or the destination will need to be modified.
2dumb Destination will not handle this type of data (for example, PCL or PostScript). The request will either need to be moved to a suitable destination for printing or the destination will need to be modified.
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