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User List

  • Date: Nov 03, 2015

User List

The user list screen is designed to provide a quicker tool for identifying and modifying users and their groups. Clicking on the headers allows the list to be sorted based on either the group or user name.

OM Plus DM Security User List

In addition, the users list can be edited from this screen. To edit an existing user or users, select the desired users and then right click and select “Change Group.” A dialog box will appear asking for the new group.

To delete users using this screen, select the users and then right click and select “Delete User.”

This screen also provides two ways to add users to the list. The first is to right click and select “Add user.” A dialog will appear asking for the user name and the group to which they should be assigned.

The second method is to perform a batch load. This can be especially useful if loading a large number of users at once. Select “Batch Load” from the Commands menu. An open file dialog will appear. From there, select a comma separated file that contains the user names and group names to be added to the users list. After selecting a file, a dialog will appear with two options. To add the new users select “Add/Update List.” To clear out the current list and use only the names in the new list, select “Replace All.”

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