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Using Advanced Document Delivery

  • Date: Oct 29, 2015

Using Advanced Document Delivery

OM Plus provides advanced document delivery of enterprise documents. The wide-ranging document delivery feature set includes:

  • Integrated delivery to printers, fax servers, email servers, web sites, and intranet sites based on document data or other spool file information.
  • Automatic routing of jobs to the backup server, if primary server becomes unavailable.
  • Confirmation of job delivery.
  • Automatic notification (email or pager notification or job re-routing) if destinations become disabled or if job delivery fails (or other customer identified events).
  • With many devices, OM Plus can provide advanced delivery confirmation, not just printer buffer acceptance of data, but print function completion status.
  • Scalable upward and downward (for example, > 4000 destinations and hundreds of thousands of daily print jobs on a single system).
  • Comprehensive audit logs of every function and process involved in the print process (logs also include information regarding destination use, individual and group accounting, and more).
  • An open, easy-to-use client interface that reflects job and destination status on a single screen and provides control with a rich tool set for administration.
  • SNMP capability to query destination status.
  • Printer web server access from within OM Plus.
  • Security features to control end user access to functions, documents, and devices (security can be set at individual or group levels).
  • Encryption capabilities between OM Plus servers.
  • Job scheduling and load balancing.
  • Delayed print purging to enable re-printing of documents without having to re-create them from within the application.
  • Re-start, re-direct, and re-print capabilities.
  • Support for rich content documents including page range and next page capabilities.
  • Automatic delivery of multiple copies or portions of documents.
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