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May 10, 2016

System Requirements

OM Plus Version when using Imprivata

OM Plus Versions when using stand alone

The most recent Java runtime.

.NET 4.0 or higher.

My Print Delivery is designed to run on Windows systems with very limited hardware. There are no additional hardware requirements beyond the base OM Plus requirements which are:

  • 1 GHZ processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 500 MB Disk space

This guide reflects OMPlus My Print Delivery (MPD) version 3.3.0011

May 10, 2016

Other Requirements

For the printer embedded solution, a compatible printer must be on the network. Connections must be allowed from the printer to the My Print Delivery server over port 53977.

If using Active Directory or LDAP, the connection settings for the server must be known. See Installing and Starting the My Print Delivery Server (Section 1) for the information required for setting up AD/LDAP authentication.

If using Ethernet enabled card readers, the IP address of the card reader must be known and the communication port must be clear from the My Print Delivery server to the card reader.

If using one of the web based release methods, a Java EE web server (such as Apache Tomcat) must be installed.

May 5, 2016

Configuring OM Plus DM

May 5, 2016

Installing OM Plus DM

For the sake of this manual, it is assumed that OM Plus DM has been installed and is running. Crucially, the background status service must be running on the OM Plus DM server and must be reachable by the My Print Delivery server over port 53971.

Also, every destination to be used in My Print Delivery must be defined as a destination in OM Plus DM. Without that definition, My Print Delivery will be unable to direct print jobs to the correct printer.

Printers do not need to be defined in the Windows printers tool and do not need to be linked via the Link Windows Printers and OM Plus utility.

For more information on configuring printers for your environment, please see your OM Plus Administration guide.

May 5, 2016

Setting Up A Printer To Receive Jobs – Windows

1. In OM Plus, create a class called “MyPrintDelivery” but do not add any destinations to it. For more information on adding a class to OM Plus, see the OM Plus Administration guide for your system. This will be the “hold queue” for OM Plus.

2. If using Windows, in the Windows printer management tool, create a printer that users can use to submit print jobs.

a. Make sure that the Windows printer is shared over the network so that the users can access and use My Print Delivery.

b. Also be sure that the driver selected for this Windows printer is compatible with all the devices that will be connected to My Print Delivery. Driver incompatibilities may result in undesired behavior such as incorrectly rendered jobs or missing print requests.

3. Using the “Link Windows Printers & OM Plus” tool, create a link between the Windows print queue and the OM Plus “MyPrintDelivery” Class.

4. After creating the link, use the “Printer Options String” option to add a “-h” option to the printer.

The My Print Delivery server is now ready to accept jobs. Any user connecting to this shared Windows printer should be able to spool their document into OM Plus.

May 5, 2016

Setting Up A Printer To Receive Jobs – Unix/Linux

Set up a class to receive jobs but do not add any destinations to that class. All users or remote systems should spool requests to this class. See your OM Plus DM documentation for more details on configuring a class in OM Plus DM.

May 6, 2016

Installing The My Print Delivery Server

May 6, 2016

Installing and Starting the My Print Delivery Server

1. Execute the MyPrintDeliverySetup.exe program.

2. My Print Delivery will create the C:\PlusTech\OMPlus\OMUtils\OmWebApp folder if it does not already exist (from here on OmWebApp”, this may be different if the default installation directory was not selected).

3. Open “Configure My Print Delivery” from the Plus Technologies My Print Delivery directory in the Start menu


Change the OM Plus Hosts name to the name of a valid hostname for an OM Plus server on the network. Select OM Plus or LDAP logins as applicable and configure the LDAP settings as needed.

4. From the Start Menu, select Plus Technologies My Print Delivery Console, then “My Print Delivery Server” and then “Install My Print Delivery Service”, then “Start My Print Delivery Service”


5. After installing and starting the service, run “Query My Print Delivery Service”. The return should match the example below…

Name : MyPrintDelivery

Installed : true

Running : true

Interactive : false

Automatic : true

Manual : false

Disabled : false

Paused : false

Unkown : false

Press any key to continue . . .

My Print Delivery is now installed and running on the server.

May 6, 2016

Configuring Users

May 6, 2016

Managing Card Users

Open > Start > Plus Technologies> My Print Delivery > MPD Utilities > Card Users


Enter a user pin or a user’s card number into the first field and the user name as it is resolved by the system in the second field. Add the user to the list. As many users as needed may be added this way.

Before exiting, be sure to save the updated list.


PINs may be any combination of letters or numbers, but are case sensitive.

In some cases, user names as resolved by the system may not match the “friendly” user names known by the users. My Print Delivery must match with the name as displayed in OM Plus. If the login does not match, you may use a surrogate. See below on how to configure those.

The card number does not always match the numbers printed on the outside of the card. Some configuration of the card reader may be needed. Also, My Print Delivery does have some ways of recording the received card data. Please contact support for more information.

It is possible to import a large group of card numbers and user names at once. For more information, please contact support.

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