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New Print Management Software Solution For Exam Rooms

  • Date: Aug 29, 2017

New Print Management Software Solution For Exam Rooms

Dayton, Ohio, August 29, 2017 – Plus Technologies, a leading provider of print management software, has just released new health care driven solution called Secure Queue Release.  The solution works within the architecture of the popular OM Plus My-Print-Delivery print release/ pull print software.

“Plus Technologies continues to excel in the print management software market with its OM Plus My-Print-Delivery software,” said Mike Visser President of Plus Technologies.

The Secure Queue Release solution enables users to securely tap and release print jobs associated with a variety of virtual print queues, at an enabled printer. The user releasing a print job does not have to be the person that originally submitted the job.

This solution was designed to allow for printer and queue sharing. Organization are able to reduce the number of physical printers in their fleets. Or, if printers are already being shared, this solution reduces the time spent sifting through the clutter of others’ jobs laying on or around the printer waiting for pickup. This print management software solution also increases security because jobs are only printed when users are standing at the printer or optionally, after they have authenticated with a badge tap or manual login.

What makes this print release/pull print solution unique is that jobs can be released by people other than those who originally submitted the jobs to begin with. For example, a doctor and nurse are in Exam Room 1 and the doctor wants the nurse to retrieve print jobs he submitted for that room and queue. The nurse could go to a printer and release the jobs for Exam Room 1 from a printer servicing the print queues associated with Exam Room 1, 2, or 3. This allows doctors to attend to patient needs without distractions, provides a more secure print workflow and eliminates the time of sorting through other user’s documents at the printer.

Health care and clinical environments benefit from this print management software when it is impractical to set up unique surrogate print release permissions between roaming doctors, nurses, staff on overlapping shifts, etc.

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