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OM Plus Print Management Selected for Warehouse Management System

  • Date: Nov 30, 2016

OM Plus Print Management Selected for Warehouse Management System

A large German based supply chain organization has selected OM Plus print management for their Warehouse Management System. The organization chose OM Plus to reduce/eliminate duplicate or missing labels in their distribution outlets and warehouses.  Printing extra labels or experiencing missed prints can cause missed shipments and a wide variety of customer satisfaction issues. Plus Technologies has years of experience helping customers in this market to improve their print operations.

In the event of label printer failure, OM Plus will automatically re-route print jobs to an available alternate label printer and notify helpdesk personnel via email of the failure. This minimizes the chance of production line stoppage and ensures shipments are made on time.

The supply chain organization is also taking advantage of the printer load balancing features present in OM Plus. Printer load balancing improves overall document throughput and speed by automatically distributing output across multiple printers during peak hours.

Lastly, the organization wanted to ensure proper sequencing for shipping documents. By taking advantage of OM Plus’ bundling features, they were able to accomplish this.  Print bundling is a feature that allows multiple documents to be merged based on triggers in the document.

OM Plus Delivery Manager is an enterprise level  output management software. The software can route output created by enterprise systems like EMR, ERP, accounting systems, and many others. Delivery manager with many value added features that help organizations better organize, enhance, dynamically route, secure, and deliver business documents to where they need to be to improve key business processes. Delivery Manager also improves the reliability, recover-ability, and scalability of native spooling systems saving maintenance and support costs.

Delivery Manager provides has many powerful features and  capabilities including: confirmation of print to the tray, load balancing, automated failover,  error notification, document bundling, document bursting, document archiving, pull-print solutions, print statistics, printer queue management, secure print delivery, EMR/Epic print automation, SAP print, automated fail-over, tamper resistant print, Rx printing, forms printing, label printing, high volume printing, and much more.

Plus Technologies develops quality software and services for the enterprise print market that helps our customers with:

  • Document Routing and Work-flow
  • Improving IT and Help Desk Productivity
  • Lowering Printing Costs
  • Pull-Print Solutions
  • Increasing Print Throughput and Scalability
  • Print Statistics
  • Improving Compliance/Security
  • Managing Print Services
  • Secure Print Delivery
  • ERP/MRP/WMS Output
  • Consolidating Print Servers

Key Features

  • Seamless ERP/WMS integration (SAP certified)
  • Automated load-balance and fail-over
  • Bi-directional communications with printer to confirm documents in tray
  • Re-print, Re-start, and Re-direct
  • Centralized administration and audit
  • Label printing control and features
  • Creation of packets/kitting


  • Lower administration costs
  • Reduced errors (duplicates and missing documents)
  • Increased scalability to meet volumes
  • Faster error resolution
  • Process improvement
  • Enhanced security and compliance

Uses of OM Plus in Manufacturing

  • Label Management
  • Bi-directional communications with label printers to confirm print and detect errors
  • Notifications to help-desk in-case of error
  • Automated fail-over to keep line running
  • Modifications to label output (eg. double labels to go around corner of pallet)
  • Avoid Expensive Changes to Mainframe/Host Systems
  • Changes to document printing and design made within OM Plus
  • No need to make changes at mainframe
  • Speeds up availability of new functions with no dependency on host side changes
  • Visibility to ERP/WMS Systems
  • OM Plus is aware of device and document status at page level
  • OM Plus has been integrated and certified into SAP and other systems
  • Automated error notification back to source system increases visibility of shipment issues
Automating document management and business processes