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OM Plus Transforms - Print Transformation Features

OM Plus, advanced print spooling software has integrated advanced print transformation features. The data format transforms can be ordered as optional extra features.

Today’s applications create documents in many formats. Many of these are not printer friendly and require transformation to printer friendly languages before sending to the printer. With OM Plus Transform capabilities, OM Plus can receive numerous formats and write out print friendly formats such as PCL. Since this process is integrated into the OM Plus spooling function, it happens seamlessly as part of the print delivery process.

Transform to support archiving: Some customers require that documents be archived in a universal format regardless of the format in which they were created. To satisfy this OM Plus can print in printer friendly format such as PCL and then transform print stream documents into PDF prior to archiving.

Examples of data formats supported include PDF, RTF, TIFF, PCL, HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, JPEG, JPEG2000, DWG, ABIC, AFP, Dicom, DWG, IOCA, JBIG2, MO:DCA, PNG, PDF/A, PTOCA, and many others.

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