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OM PlusReport Manager

OM Plus Report Manager

For customers with document capture, workflow and storage needs; Plus Technologies recommends a product called VAULTview. VAULTview is a SaaS based solution that has been partially developed by Plus Technologies on behalf of Tronitech. Vaultview improves Document Management by reducing overall costs, removing operational costs, and eliminating IT overhead. No capital expenditures for system implementation or hardware means instant ROI and more money to your bottom line. IT departments are spared the burden of data storage maintenance. Unlimited users and unlimited data storage allow companies to efficiently broaden their processes – instant access across multiple projects, departments, and locations. VAULTview technology organizes, secures, and distributes documents and other forms of content that may originate in other systems on paper. Key features include:

  • Capture documents through both automated imports and scanning paper documents
  • Provide a workflow tool to improve processes
  • Store and archive records
  • Secure access to private information
  • Retrieve records using a variety of search criteria
  • Post comments for others to review

Low Cost

  • The cost of expensive resources are shared across the entire VAULTview customer base, lowering your cost of ownership. The service solution is viable for large and very small companies alike.

Quick Deployment

  • Solutions can be installed in a matter of days. For your internal staff, the service solution provides substantial time savings over an in-house solution: less training time and a fraction of the installation steps.


  • When you work with Tronitech, your company can leverage our online document management system without the capital investment required to design and maintain your own system. VAULTview bolsters your competitive standing with our proven web based document management services, benefiting from our industry expertise.
    • Healthcare
    • Accounts Payable
    • Student Records
    • Human Resources
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution


  • Plus Technologies provides Level 3 technical support
  • Integration allows OM Plus documents to be integrated into VAULTview

Need more or additional features? Contact Us and we will work to design an enterprise content management solution suit your company’s individual needs.

OM Plus Report Manager, OM Plus, Report Manager, RM, Plus Technologies
OM Plus Report Manager, OM Plus, Report Manager, RM, Plus Technologies
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