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Alliance and TechnologyPartners

Alliance and Technology Partners

Alliance and Technology Partners

In order to provide our customers with the best solutions possible Plus Technologies has integrated our software with numerous third party platforms including printer oem’s, ERP’s, EMR, WMS Systems, and other value added software companies. Some of our integrations are highlighted below. If there is an integration of interest that is not listed please contact us as we may have it and if not we can create it.


PrinterLogicPrinter Logic, Reseller Partners


Description: The OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) solution has been integrated with PrinterInstaller so that both systems can co-exist and seamlessly pass print jobs from one to the other providing our customers with a complete solution for Windows                                                                               based and back-end systems print. In addition, PrinterLogic is an                                                                               active reseller of OM Plus.




Description: Plus Technologies has numerous Epic customers and has developed a certified integration so that Epic print jobs can be seamlessly ingested into OM Plus through the Epic web service.




Description: OM Plus is an BC-XOM certified solution so that SAP users can view the status of their print jobs within their SAP UI including ‘confirmed print-to-the-tray.’ The SAP solution is used widely in the manufacturing and distribution/logistics industries and offers multiple features including load-balancing, automated failover, label print controls, and much more.




Description: Plus Technologies has integrated its My-Print-Delivery (MPD) pull-print product with the imprivata OneSign digital security solution for end user authentication in the healthcare market.



International Reseller, Pharos



Description: Integration has been completed so that OM Plus print jobs and statistics from ERP, EMR, and other systems such as Epic, Cerner, McKesson/Allscripts, SAP, Oracle, and others can be ingested into Blueprint enabling their print release and analytics. This solution may be of interest to Konica-Minolta users. In addition, Pharos is a certified reseller of OM Plus.




Description: Breezy provides a print solution for phone and tablet based printing. Plus Technologies has completed an integration between Breezy and OM Plus so that OM Plus is able to seamlessly integrate Breezy jobs. That way users can have a single print management tool to manage all print jobs including mobile print jobs + backend EMR/ERP jobs from a single view. Users will also be able to use OM Plus MPD for pull print needs.



Arcis Solutions

Description: Plus Technologies has integrated the Arcis pantographic and micro-print technologies into our solutions so that printed originals cannot be successfully duplicated through photocopying. This has been successful in the prescription printing scenarios and can also be used in other scenarios such as printing transcripts in the education market.


Lexmark, Alliance and Technology Partner, Alliance & Technology, Plus Technologies

Lexmark International

Description: Plus Technologies has certified its My-Print-Delivery (MPD), printer authentication (eg. CAC/PIV), and Single Sign-On (SSO) pull-print solutions on Lexmark’s platform. In addition, Lexmark actively resells the OM Plus Suite of print solutions.



Hewlett-Packard (HP)HP, Alliance and Technology Partner

Description: Plus Technologies has embedded its My-Print-Delivery (MPD) pull-print solution on the HP platform. We have numerous customers that run OM Plus solutions on the HP platform in healthcare and other industries. OM Plus provides HP customers high quality and feature rich solutions that are lower cost and with more flexible than LRS.





Description: Plus Technologies has numerous customers with Xerox print and multi-function device fleets. OM Plus has embedded its My-Print-Delivery (MPD) application for pull-printing using the Xerox platform.





Description: Plus Technologies has been certified by Ricoh as an approved provider. The My-Print-Delivery (MPD) and SSO applications are integrated using RIDP platform.


Zebra Technologies

Description: Plus Technologies has a bi-directional capability to retrieve label printing status on Zebra label printers.



Description: Plus Technologies supports RFIDeas card readers for our My-Print-Delivery (MPD) pull-print solutions.



Taylor Communications

Description: Plus Technologies and Taylor Communications have integrated, tested, and implemented a combined Forms on                                                                                       Demand (FOD) and My-Print-Delivery (MPD) solution. With this                                                                                 solution, MPD ingests print jobs from FOD and provides                                                                                           pull-print capabilities.


Elatec RFID Systems

Description: Plus Technologies’ My-Print-Delivery (MPD) pull-print solutions have integrated with Elatec card reader technology. Because of this integration our MPD customers need not have printers or MFD’s with built in or integrated card readers.



Description: Plus Technologies has integrated Sharp into our My-Print-Delivery (MPD) product. Now customers with Sharp print and multi-function device fleets can receive the benefits from a leading pull-print solution.




Technology and Teaming Alliances

Plus Technologies products work with third party products to increase the scope and scale of the print management software solutions that we offer. In most of these cases, Plus Technologies and partners have cooperated to ensure that products work properly. In all cases, Plus Technologies will have tested the interoperability with the third party solutions to ensure compatibility. For more information on these Alliance Partners please contact Plus Technologies for more information.


Other Alliance and Technology Partners

  • Central Square

  • Bottomline Technologies

  • Oracle

  • Cerner

  • McKesson

  • Allscripts

  • Collobos

  • pdf2pcl

  • Tricerat

  • RFIdeas

  • Eclipse

  • All Major Printer Vendors


Plus Technologies Partner

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In addition Plus Technologies will assign new leads in territory to proven partners. Plus Technologies partner agreements are very flexible and can be tailored to suit the partner’s business model.

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