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Branding / BundlingPartners

Branding and Bundling Partners

Several software and services organizations have come to Plus Technologies to enhance the output management capabilities of their own software or service. In this type of relationship these organizations have embedded OM Plus print software within their product and distribute it as part of their deliverable. In all cases, a tight integration has been completed so that OM Plus print delivery software is seamlessly embedded into the partner’s product. In some cases these partners have “branded” OM Plus with their own name, look, and feel. Some examples of these types of partners includes:

Bottomline Technologies

bottomline, branding and bundling

Description: Bottomline has bundled and branded OM Plus print spooling software to provide the output management capability for their electronic forms products such as: Formscape, Createform, and eCommIntegrate (formerly Optio). Subsequently Bottomline has released a new product called Transform. In the case of Transform, Bottomline resells the Plus Technologies version of OM Plus to enhance the output and print function.


dell, branding and bundling

Description: Dell provides Managed Print Service to its customers. To provide this service Dell required market leading and differentiated Fleet Management software. Dell uses Plus Technologies Device Data Collector (DDC) to gather data from printers and multi-function devices and securely deliver that data to a hosted application called Dell Output Manager (DOM) which was developed by Plus Technologies to Dell’s specifications.

Central Square/Sungard

Description: Central Square/Sungard provides solutions for local and municipal governments to improve communication and connections between employees, departments and constituents through the latest technologies. Central Square/Sungard utilizes Plus Technologies web services API to seamlessly integrate OM Plus into Sungard’s OneSolution product.

DealerTrack Technologies

dealertrack, branding and bundling

Description: DealerTrack provides Cloud based Dealer Management System (DMS) for thousands of auto dealers. DealerTrack DMS enhance efficiency and profibility for all major segments of the automotive retail industry; including dealers, lenders, OEMs, third-party retailers, agents, and aftermarket providers. OM Plus is integrated into the core DealerTrack DMS software to secure deliver data center created documents over the internet to auto dealers across North America.


fis, branding and bundling

Description: FIS is the market leader in providing payment processing and banking solutions, software, services, and outsourcing of the technology. OM Plus Delivery Manager print software is used in conjunction with their UNIX based solutions to enhance the reliability, recover-ability, and performance of their system.

Redflex Traffic Systems

redflex, branding and bundling

Description: Redflex Traffic Systems is a leader in the photo enforcement industry. Redflex is currently using OM Plus to provide enhanced print control in its core software application.

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