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CD Plus Adds Function to Rx Printing

  • Date: Oct 30, 2015
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CD Plus Adds Function to Rx Printing

Doctor holding digital tablet with prescription on it isolated on white background

Plus TechnologiesTamper Resistant Print (TRP) software creates customer value when used to print prescriptions on plain paper by printing on laser printers with plain paper. TRP utilizes a variety of technologies that prevent unwanted copying of prescriptions. OM Plus print software ingests the Rx data from a host system such as Epic, Cerner, McKesson, and other EMR systems – then massages the data – then invokes the appropriate Rx template – then sends them to the laser printer.

However, in some situations customers require “White Rx Jobs” mixed into the data stream. A White Rx document is a plain ‘tamper resistant’ document without any Rx information on it so the doctor can write the script out him/herself. The issue is how to determine and sort out regular Rx jobs from White jobs. That is where CD Plus comes in. CD Plus uses ‘context based triggers’ found in the document to differentiate Rx from White jobs. Printers only need one tray (saving cost) and one queue to handle standard, Rx and Rx white jobs because CD Plus intelligently differentiate between job type and uses electronic form instead of pre-printed paper.

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