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Major East Coast U.S. City Extends use of OM Plus Print Software

Major East Coast U.S. City Extends use of OM Plus Print Software

OMPlus_del mngA very large city on the east coast has extended the use of their OM Plus Delivery Manager document routing software. The city uses OM Plus to streamline and automate the routing of court documents. OM Plus replaces a manual process of collating and routing documents. Manual process were subject to error and took too long to deliver missing important deadlines. By law, the City can only keep accused criminals incarcerated for a limited amount of time before presenting the case in court. The manual process sometimes exceeded the timeline and therefore could have compromised peoples’ rights.

OM Plus automates and streamlines this process by accepting documents from multiple computer systems. Based on recipients needs OM Plus recognizes the document type, creates custom packages of documents, automatically routes and delivers the packages, and then confirms delivery. OM Plus makes this process faster, less error prone, and improves service.

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